Why Did My Recent Calls Get Deleted?

Why did my recent calls disappear on my iPhone?

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General followed by Reset.

On this screen, tap on the option that reads Reset Network Settings and follow the on-screen instructions to have your network settings reset.

When it’s done, open the Phone app and see if you can now view your recent calls..

How do I stop my iPhone from deleting my call log?

Most phones keep the log until you delete it, unless you set it up to do otherwise. Try going into the phone app and then in that app’s settings. The option to change it should be in there.

How do I get my recent calls back on my iPhone?

To do this, go to Settings → iCloud → Backup . If “iCloud Backup” is “on”, below you’ll see the date of your last backup. Don’t click “Backup now” button if you don’t want to overwrite your backup. If you have an iCloud backup, you should be able to get back your call history with iPhone Backup Extractor.

How far back can you see call history on iPhone?

four monthsApple saves up to four months of a user’s call history whenever they are using iCloud Drive, according to Elcomsoft. The call history saved to iCloud keeps detailed information including phone numbers, dates, times of day the calls were made or received, and duration of calls, as first reported by the Intercept.

How can I retrieve deleted calls from my iPhone without a computer?

From the screen, users will have to select “Restore from iCloud Backup” feature. The window will open the iCloud sign-in page where users have to sign in to the iCloud account to allow the phone to display the available backup files and recover call history on iPhone without computer.

Can I recover deleted call history?

With the initial version that only supports to recover deleted photos and videos, it has been recently upgraded in order to recover deleted contacts, call history, call logs and call records! Simply click the EaseUS Android Data Recovery App page, you can easily get the access to the product page on Google Play.

Does iPhone delete call history?

On the “Recents” tab, click “Edit” to delete phone calls. On the top left-hand corner of the screen, the button “Clear” will appear. 3. Tap on “Clear” and the entire list of recent outgoing and ingoing calls will be erased.

How do I restore recent calls on my iPhone?

Select Call History > Select Only list deleted > Select the contacts with call history you want to retrieve > Preview deleted call history > Select call history you want to retrieve > Click To iDevice to get deleted call history back to your iPhone’s app directly, or To Computer to download them on computer.

How can I get my call history from months ago?

You can see a list of calls you’ve made, answered, or missed….Open your device’s Phone app .Tap Recents .Tap More. Call History.Tap More. Clear call history.When asked if you want to delete your call history, tap Ok.

How can I retrieve deleted calls from my iPhone 7?

How to Recover Call Logs on iPhone 7 (Plus) Quickly and SafelyStep 1: Hook up iPhone 7 (Plus) with the computer via USB cable. … Step 2: Analyze the content on iPhone 7 (Plus) … Step 3: Preview and choose which call history to be recovered. … Step 4: Start recovering iPhone 7 (Plus) deleted call logs to the computer.