Quick Answer: Who First Said Shut The Front Door?

Is Shut the front door a bad word?

Shut the front door is a euphemism for Shut the fuck up, a more emphatic and foulmouthed variant of shut up.

However, it is not used literally to tell someone to be silent, but instead as an emphatic variant of shut up in its use as a rebuke of exaggerated disbelief..

What does shut the fridge mean?

What does STFU mean? The acronym STFU stands for shut the fuck up.

What does STFY mean?

STFYAcronymDefinitionSTFYSeattle Team For Youth (Seattle, WA; consortium)

What does get out of here mean?

Get Out of Here. Meaning/Usage: Common way to express disbelief. Explanation: You are not telling someone to literally get out. This is a common idiomatic phrase to express disbelief. Often times it is used in a positive way as in the first example sentence below.

What is the meaning of get over it?

The phrase “Get Over It” means to accept something that happened in the past and move on. Example of use: Danny—”I’m really bummed that I lost the game last night” Rosa— “You need to get over it and focus on winning today’s game.”

What is the meaning of shut the door?

and close the door on someone or something ; close the door to someone or something. 1. Lit. to close a door, preventing someone or something from passing through. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) They shut the door upon me, and I couldn’t get in!

What does the expression get out of town mean?

Get out of town is a phrase used to express disbelief at a comment, and meant for the opposite party to get their facts straight.

What does phone hold mean?

In telephony, a call may be placed on hold, in which case the connection is not terminated but no verbal communication is possible until the call is removed from hold by the same or another extension on the key telephone system.

What does the phrase shut the front door mean?

Phrase. shut the front door. (euphemistic, slang, minced oath) shut the fuck up (usually expressing disbelief)

Who invented shut up?

The earlier meaning of the phrase, to close something, is widely used in Little Dorrit, but is used in one instance in a manner which foreshadows the modern usage: ‘Altro, altro! Not Ri-‘ Before John Baptist could finish the name, his comrade had got his hand under his chin and fiercely shut up his mouth.

When was shut up invented?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an early documented use, in 16th-century England, was a figurative one, meaning “to withhold one’s money or kindness from a person.” In 1840, the New Orleans Picayune printed the first known slang/imperative use of “shut up,” when a reporter referred to an officer’s demand …

Who says shut up in Smosh?

In some videos, Smosh would add another phrase after the “Shut Up!” catchphrase, such as in “Ian’s Birthday,” where Ian who says, “Shut Up!” also says, “That song is copyrighted!” after saying the catchphrase.

Is it illegal to tell someone to shut up?

By telling them to shut up; you are making use of your freedom of expression. Whether they listen to you or obey you is left to their discretion. You cannot deny a person of the ‘right to freedom of expression’ unless they conform. … This is your freedom of expression.

What to say when a girl says shut up?

If she says “Shut up!” announce loudly that you’d be thrilled to do that for her then blow her a kiss or do double fingers guns and walk away. If she tells you to ‘mind your own business’, again, enthusiastically agree that she’s not your business and bounce away.