Quick Answer: How Long Is Accenture Training?

What if I leave Accenture during training?

Accenture conducts the test after the end of training , you have to just fail in that test .

Accenture will give you three chances and you have to fail in all three .

After that Accenture will fired out with due respect and also you don’t have to pay the bond money..

What is a closing interview at Accenture?

5. Accenture Leader Closing Interview: This interview may be a combination of the previous interviews. The Accenture leader will assess you for overall fit for Accenture (in relation to both your technical skills and your consulting competencies) and will make the final decision.

Why should we hire you Accenture?

Interview Answer Highlight your skills and how these skills can help the company, give an example and make sure you took time to do a research about Accenture. … In communication skill I could help the company in dealings with the clients inquires and could offer the clients services that could satisfied there needs.

What are the documents required for Accenture?

Degree certificate & marksheet.10th and XIIth certificate & marksheet.Photo id proof & address proof.Some form if they have given any.If lateral joinee then reliving letter or resignation acceptance letter.

Can we rejoin Accenture after absconding?

So if you come back and want to rejoin accenture ,come with solid proofs that make them believe that you got lost in some forest trying to do some Bear Grylls stunts else they will take legal action against you and then will definetly terminate your employment as accenture is very strict with it’s policies.

Is Accenture training tough?

Once they hire you they don’t care which stream you are from. The tests conducted by accenture are not that tough. With a little preparation and attention in the class, you(both non-IT and IT ppl) can clear it easily. If you don’t clear it in first attempt, try harder in retest and you will definitely go through it.

Does Accenture hire freshers?

Accenture conducts 3-4 rounds to select freshers as SDE in their organisation. Academic Criteria : 70 percent or above in B. Tech, Class X and XII.

What is background check in Accenture?

Within three months of joining, Accenture does a basic background check on you and this primarily involves validating your qualification (your certificates) if you’ve been hired straight from the campus.

How do I quit Accenture?

Raise a exit request on https://ast.accenture.com . Attach the mail which you sent to your immediate supervisor as a proof of the start date. HR will call you for asking the reason for leaving the organisation, tell anything you want. Enjoy 3 months of honeymoon period in accenture.

Can I join Accenture after leaving?

If you want to pursue rehire opportunities as an employee, you can reapply right away as there is no waiting period. If you want to return as a contractor, you need to wait 6 months after your exit date.

How is the training at Accenture?

Accenture employees, about 1,40,000 of whom are in India, are each assigned 80 hours of classroom training a year, in addition to online courses. … Accenture employees, about 1,40,000 of whom are in India, are each assigned 80 hours of classroom training a year, in addition to online courses.

Does Accenture verify education?

Accenture has a really strict pre-employment background checks. … They will call your previous work place or school (for fresh grads) if you are really a part of their institution.

What are you most proud of in Accenture?

I think at its core the people. The people are inspiring, delightful and build the organisation into everything it is and it strives to be. Favourite part of working at Accenture? I love that it’s very textured, innovative, forward thinking hub that encourages imagination, ideation and freedom.

Is working at Accenture worth it?

“Accenture is overall a good company to work with” The policies of the company complements to employee satisfaction and offers an excellent work life balance. Average tenure of any employee in this organization is more than 5 yrs, which translates the zone of comfort Accenture offers to their employees.

Does Accenture provide food?

Accenture Employee Benefit: Free Lunch or Snacks | Glassdoor.co.in.

How long is recruitment process in Accenture?

On average, the application process should take around 28 days from start to finish, although it may take longer during busy recruitment periods. Following online applications and interviews, Accenture aims to respond with a decision within 10–15 working days.

How many rounds of interview are there in Accenture?

three roundsThere are mainly three rounds in Accenture interview: Aptitude/Verbal ability round/Written Round. Technical Interview Round. HR round.

Which is better TCS or Accenture?

Onsite is really based on the projects and your performance , Both the companies provide better onsite ! Its good to know that, and TCS is already providing more salary than accenture is at the start. gagan007 said: Work environment in Accenture is better overall.

What is GFT training in Accenture?

Your Green-Field Training (GFT) starts for 42 days which includes your Foundation Training (21 days) and your Stream Training (21 days). … After the PD Training, your Stream Training starts for 21 days. The Stream Training mainly occurs in Accenture Offices.

Does Accenture send rejection email?

Mostly no! In most of the cases, the HR stops responding and updating that way you may know. Also, if you are pplying through referral, the person who referred you will be notified whether you are rejected but not you.