Question: Who Is The Most Followed Korean On Instagram?

Do BTS have girlfriends?

Do the BTS members have girlfriends.

Some of the older members (namely, RM, Suga, and J-Hope) have revealed they had girlfriends when they were younger, but ever since they debuted in 2013, none have come out with a relationship publicly..

Does BTS have private Instagram?

BTS members do not Instagram accounts. Their only official account is @/bts. bighitofficial.

Who is the most followed Korean actress on Instagram?

6/7 Lee Ji-eun a.k.a. IU The popular singer and star of the hit 2019 Korean TV series Hotel Del Luna is touted to be the most followed Korean actress on Instagram at the moment, thanks to some 12.3 million fans.

Who is the ugliest in Blackpink?

1- Jisoo : Jisoo has a very unique face, I think she has the most unique and recognizable face out of them. “Ugliest” is not the right word to express the question at all, it is like you are saying all of them are ugly and you are asking us to choose the most ugly.

Who is the most searched KPOP Idol on Google 2020?

According to the latest reports, BTS band member Jungkook is the most searched K-Pop star in the first half of 2020.

Who is the most handsome boy in Kpop?

Jungkook (BTS) Born: September 1, 1997. … Jin (BTS) Born: December 4, 1992. … Taemin (SHINee, SuperM) Born: July 18, 1993. … Baekhyun (EXO) Born: May 6, 1992. … Kai (EXO) Born: January 14, 1994. … Mark (Got7) Born: September 4, 1993. … BM (KARD) Born: October 20, 1992. Age: 25 years. … Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) Born: April 6, 1997. Age: 21 years.More items…•

What is BTS Instagram?

BTS official (@bts.bighitofficial) Instagram photos and videos.

Who is the most followed KPOP Idol on Instagram 2019?

Below are the 10 most-followed K-pop idols on Instagram:BLACKPINK’s Rose (22.5 million) … BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (21.2 million) … EXO’s Chanyeol (20.1 million) … EXO’s Sehun (18.6 million) … BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (17.7 million) … EXO’s Baekhyun (16.7 million) … GOT7’s Jackson (16.6 million) … Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (14.3 million)More items…•

Who is the most loved member of BTS?

Kim TaehyungBTS’s Member Kim Taehyung , alongside being the Most Popular Member of BTS , is now The Most Handsome Man in The World 2020.

Is BTS the kings of kpop?

So, meet BTS (which stands for “Beyond the Scene”). … They’re pop stars from South Korea, kings of a world known as “Korean pop” – K-Pop.

Which Kpop group has most fans?

Don’t think so. BTS is arguably *the* most popular K-pop group around the globe, and with good reason. Their accolades include: Reaching number one on iTunes in more than 65 countries, have held first place on Billboard’s Social 50 chart for 114 weeks in a row, and absolutely crushed a U.S. stadium tour.

Who is the most followed KPOP Idol on Instagram 2020?

K-Pop Social Roundup: Most Followed K-pop Idols On Instagram, Twitter In 2020Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon (14.8 million) … GOT7’s Jackson (17.8 million) … EXO’s Baekhyun (18.1 million) … BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (18.3 million) … EXO’s Sehun (20.1 million) … EXO’s Chanyeol (21.6 million) … BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (24.7 million)More items…•

Who has the most followers on Instagram BTS?

For the K-Pop category, #방탄소년단 (BTS) took the number one spot with #아이유 (IU) and #아이린 (Irene) following right behind. As for the account with the most followers, numbers 1 through 10 were all idol members.

Who is the king of kpop?

JiminBTS’s Jimin Named As King Choice’s “The King Of KPOP 2019”

Who has the most fangirls in BTS?

That includes Celebrity Bromance, Flower Crew, and King of Mask Singer. Additionally, Jungkook finds popularity in the United States. On Ranker, Jungkook scores second place among fan-favorites, about 5,000 votes behind V. According to Econotimes, Jungkook is the most searched BTS member on Google.

Who is the most hated KPOP Idol?

Blackpink Jennie1. Blackpink Jennie. Because of the so-called “bad attitude,” scandals, and “lazy dancing” controversy, Blackpink Jennie becomes one of the most criticized idols. Fans think that YG Entertainment was showing favoritism to her by giving better clothes and more promotions.

What are BTS haters called?

They’re generally called Antis, Anti-Army, Haters, etc.

Who is the king of kpop in 2020?

BTS Jimin snatched another win as he was ranked #1 in King Choice’s male K-Pop idol ranking for 2020. He won the poll with over 628k votes. King choice is a professional and known as the biggest K-Pop and celebrities voting site.