Question: What Does Cookin Mean?

What are you cooking up?

1 : to prepare (food) for eating especially quickly I can cook up some hamburgers.

2 : to invent (something, such as an idea, excuse, etc.) to deal with a particular situation They cooked up a scheme to fool their neighbor.

You’ll have to cook an excuse up quickly..

What does I’m tied up mean?

“I’m tied up” means that you are unable to get away from whatever it is you are [busy] doing.

What is a female chef called?

A chef is a chef, there is no female word for it.

Who is the best chef in the world?

Meet The Top 10 Chefs In The WorldWolfgang Puck. Austrian-American chef, restaurateur and actor Wolfgang Puck is a force to be reckoned with. … Jamie Oliver. … Heston Blumenthal. … Ferran Adria. … Marco Pierre White. … Gordon Ramsay. … Shannon Bennett. … Thomas Keller.More items…•

What does cooped up mean?

Definition of coop up. : to keep (a person or animal) inside a building or in a small space especially for a long period of time —usually used as (be) cooped upThe children were cranky after being cooped up in the house all day. The dog is cooped up in a cage.

Is making a sandwich cooking?

Zyni said: Okay, so sandwich making may not technically be considered cooking, although some aspects of it may be (grilling, toasting bread, searing meat, melting cheese, etc.). Still, creating delectable, appealing, sandwiches is a bit of an art form, if you ask me.

Are tied to meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe tied to somethingbe tied to somethingto be related to something and dependent on it The flat is tied to the job.

What is a person who cooks called?

A cook is sometimes referred to as a chef, although in the culinary world, the terms are not interchangeable. Cooks’ responsibilities include preparing food, managing food stations, cleaning the kitchen, and helping the chefs. Restaurants will give a title to the cooks according to their designated stations.

What’s a female cook called?

Having “female” forms of words is soooooo francais. Chef is a french word, brah.

What does it mean to be tied to someone?

Fig. to associate someone with something; to make a connection between someone and something. The police are trying to tie Lefty to the burglary. They’ll never tie me to that bunch of crooks!

What does cooking mean in slang?

what’s cooking? old-fashioned slang. used to ask about what is happening or what someone is planning: Hi there!

What does cooking up a storm mean?

cook up a storm. (informal) To do a large amount of cooking at once; to prepare a great deal of cooked food. To cause a storm. To create a stormy situation; agitate or enrage. (idiomatic) To make a big fuss, generate a lot of unnecessary talk or activity; make a scene.

What means cooked down?

When you boil down something, you get it down to its essence. … In cooking, it literally means to reduce liquid by boiling off the water. As you boil down a sauce, stew, pudding, or other dish, you decrease the water or other liquid in it — it evaporates in the steam rising from your pan.

Does cooked mean high?

‘cooked’ meaning To be extremely stoned. To have smoked alot of marijuana. Consumed a large amount of weed.

What is another word for tied up?

(deep in, of a state or activity) Fully absorbed or involved in. deep. immersed. absorbed. engrossed.

What does I’m cooking mean?

I’m cooking,. means the person was actually cooking then, when the words were spoken by her /him. It denotes the act of cooking food.

What’s cooking good looking Meaning?

‘What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ means roughly ‘I’d like to spend time with you’ and depending on the speaker’s character, might well mean ‘I’d like to take you to bed, preferably right now’ but let’s please remember, the only part that matters is “… Good Lookin’”.