Question: Can I Recharge 2 Plans In Jio?

How many advance recharge can be done in Jio?

444 x 4 all-in-one plan offers the ability to recharge in advance for a whole year.

By paying Rs.

1,776 in one go, you get to do a Rs.

444 prepaid plan recharge four times over, resulting in an extended validity of 336 days (84 x 4)..

How do I activate my Jio top up balance?

Good news: Jio recharge with main balance is back againJust Open MyJio app.go to recharge Non-IUC recharge tab and select Smartphone Plans.Select your favorite pack and there you can see the recharge through main balance option if you have sufficient balance.

Can I use 2 plans at the same time in Jio?

Yes you can absolutely use 2 or more plans simultaneously with Jio, after recharge, all you need to do is to activate both plans at the same time in MyJio app. Yes you can absolutely use 2 or more plans simultaneously with Jio, after recharge, all you need to do is to activate both plans at the same time in MyJio app.

How can I get 2 GB extra in Jio?

To check for the free data on your Jio number, head to the My Plans section of the MyJio app. Jio is offering free additional data to select users in India once again. This free data credit of 2GB per day high speed data comes with a validity of 5 days.

How do I activate my Jio plan by call?

Please call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the tele-verification process. If you wish to activate only Data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number.

What is FUP in Jio 444 plan?

Jio was offering the benefits of Rs 599 plan in its older plan of Rs 444. … This plan includes 12 months of validity, 1.5 GB of daily data, unlimited Jio-to-Jio calls, and 12,000 FUP minutes to non-Jio voice calls. Jio was providing the same package for Rs 1,776 prepaid in its old plans.

What happens if I double recharge on Jio?

Your second recharge will go in line. Whenever your first recharge plan will expire, second one will take place automatically. If you want to rake benefits from both recharges simultaneously, then activate second one from myjio app.

Can Jio Recharge be Cancelled?

There is no way to cancel once recharge has been done. you can contact with that person and tell him about the matter, if he’s geniune person definitely he’ll pays your money back.

Is Jio Double Dhamaka offer still on?

Reliance Jio’s prepaid customers who purchase new plans will get 1.5GB additional data this month. The offer is valid until the end of this month, which is June 30, 2018. Jio ‘Double Dhamaka’ offer comes right after Airtel started offering 1GB extra 4G data on Airtel Rs 149 and Airtel Rs 399 to select users.

Why Jio recharge is not working?

Sure you have received massage “Full Talktime” but u cannot use that for phone calls. Check if you have done recharge from top-up, if you did then it should showing your account as a balance but when you try to call someone it will ask you to recharge.

Which Jio recharge is best?

Reliance Jio Rs 129 Recharge Plan (affordable) Reliance Jio Rs 129 prepaid recharge pack is an affordable pack that offers 2GB data with 28 days of validity. The pack also offers unlimited on-net (Jio to Jio) calling, off-net (Jio to non-Jio) FUP of 1000 minutes, 300 SMS, and complimentary subscription to Jio apps.

How do I activate an existing Jio plan?

To activate your upcoming plan,Login to My Jio App.Click on Plans.You can see your upcoming plans, click on Activate to activate the plan.You’re done.

Can I recharge Jio 444 plan twice?

If you recharged twice the amount for which you recharged will be available to you in form of voucher in your MY jio app voucher section . Your previous plan or earlier recharge will not be terminated even if you recharge twice or thrice. No your money won’t get wasted.

Which plan is best for Jio?

Best Prepaid Plans from Jio For Type B users, I would recommend the Rs 329 plan that has a validity of 84 days and gives you 6 GB of high-speed data, unlimited calls to Jio numbers, 3,000 minutes worth of calling to other networks, and 1,000 SMS.

What happens if I recharge Jio before expiry date?

When you recharge your Jio number before the expiry of current plan. Your recharge put in que and when your current plan expired then it will be activated automatically.