Is Unexpecting A Word?

Is Unoperational a word?

Unoperational Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unoperational?inoperationalinoperativenot workingnonoperationalnot operatingfaultydowndefectivebrokenkaput73 more rows.

What does Unfunctional mean?

Definition of unfunctional. : not functional: a : not related directly to or fitted for everyday needs or activities : impractical, inefficient. b : not conforming to functionalist theory.

What does Inconvincible mean?

Definition of inconvincible. : incapable of being convinced.

What is the root word for Inconceivable?

inconceivable (adj.) 1630s, from in- (1) “not, opposite of” + conceivable. Related: Inconceivably; inconceivability. An Old English word for this was unasmeagendlic.

Is Zincy a word?

ZINCY is a valid scrabble word.

Is unconceivable a word?

unconceivable. Not plausible or believable: flimsy, implausible, improbable, inconceivable, incredible, shaky, thin, unbelievable, unconvincing, unsubstantial, weak.

What is the meaning of Unoperational?

Definition of nonoperational. : not operational: such as. a : not functional or ready for use a nonoperational clock. b : not of or relating to the operation of a business or machine Layoffs were limited to nonoperational positions.

What’s another word for not working?

“The printer is not working and needs to be repaired.” “Larry is currently not working but is actively looking for a job.”…What is another word for not working?bustedinoperativenot in working orderout of kilterworn-outgone buston the blinkup the spoutstopped workinginoperable158 more rows

What is a non operational role?

Defining a job as non-operational (NOP) You can define a job as non-operational so that when the plan runs, the job is put in Cancel Pending status and is not run. The successors of this job are however run.