How Much Does Doctor On Demand Cost Without Insurance?

Is DR on Demand covered by insurance?

Our services are available nationwide, with or without insurance.

We work with many major insurance plans and employers to offer even easier access.

Check your plan for coverage.

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How much does DR on Demand cost without insurance?

Price: For therapy, prices are $129 for a 25 minute-session and $179 for a 50-minute session. These are the prices for patients without health insurance. But Doctor on Demand accepts many health insurance plans from companies including United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, and Cigna.

Can I see a doctor online without insurance?

LiveHealth Online. LiveHealth Online is the most affordable online doctor service to land a spot on our list. General medical and urgent care video appointments cost just $49 without insurance. The service also accepts major insurance plans including Anthem, Amerigroup and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Does Medicare pay for doctor on demand?

Medicare Part B covers Doctor On Demand at this time. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you may also have Doctor On Demand as a covered benefit. … Original Medicare Part A and Part D do not cover Doctor On Demand visits.

Can I get prescription over the phone?

Getting your medicine or a prescription seeing a local GP and asking for a prescription. … in some cases, a nurse at an NHS walk-in centre may be able to supply your medicine or a prescription. outside normal GP hours, you may be able to get a prescription from an out-of-hours service or by calling 111.

Can you chat with a doctor online for free?

HOW IT WORKS? Our Live Chat feature allows you to “chat” with our qualified and fully registered Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionists anytime, anywhere for FREE. You may also upload photos or your medical reports to enable our healthcare professionals to better understand any of your health conditions.

How can I get a prescription without going to the doctor?

With telemedicine, you can get a prescription without physically traveling to a doctor. You can talk to a physician and receive a diagnosis using technology. If you require medication for your condition, the doctor will send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

How do I get a virtual doctor visit?

This can usually be done in two ways:Online. Some doctor’s offices have online patient portals where you can access your medical records, correspond with staff, and request appointments.Phone call. For other providers, you may need to call the office to specifically request a telemedicine appointment.

How much is a virtual doctor visit?

These virtual consultations are designed to replace more expensive visits to a doctor’s office or emergency room. On average, a telehealth visit costs about $79, compared with about $146 for an office visit, according to the study.

How can I prepare for telemedicine appointment?

7 simple steps to prepare for your telemedicine appointmentContact your insurance provider to find out if your plan covers telemedicine appointments. … Gather essential information. … Find out how to reach your dermatologist. … Write down all your questions. … Take pictures. … Avoid irritating your skin before your appointment.More items…

Can doctors on demand prescribe Adderall?

Doctor on Demand psychiatrists can prescribe medications when necessary for treatment; however, Doctor on Demand does not prescribe any controlled substances, such as benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, etc.), or stimulants (e.g., Ritalin, Adderall).

What is the cost of doctor on demand?

Each online video chat appointment with a doctor costs patients $40; doctors get $30 of that, with the company taking a $10 cut. Doctors can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication, but the app and website are not recommended for any patient experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency medical condition.

How do I get telehealth?

Accessing Telemedicine The service is generally provided through an online account or a telephone number which is toll-free. Patients in need of a telemedicine session would be required to fill out some basic information about their immediate medical condition, and then request a telemedicine session with a doctor.

Are online Doctors any good?

Online doctors work great for treating non emergency conditions such as minor bacterial infections, the cold and flu, and many mental health conditions. They are also useful for managing chronic conditions and getting prescriptions filled and refilled, without having to go to the doctor.

Can I talk to a doctor online for free?

Users can download the branded mobile app or access the portal on their company’s website. For a free demo of the Ask A Doctor Health and Wellness Portal, please contact us at 1-800-755-ADAM or via email at

How much does teladoc cost without insurance?

With insurance, Everyday Care visits can be as low as $0 (based on your benefits) per visit. Without insurance, Everyday Care is $75 per visit. To see the cost of an online Dermatology review or a Mental Health Care visit, set up your account now.

Can doctor on demand prescribe Tamiflu?

“About one in five of our cases are flu-related cases or cold-related cases, so we end up giving a prescription with Tamiflu.” Doctor on Demand charges $75 for a 15-minute consultation for those who are uninsured, although it does accept some insurance providers.

Can online doctor prescribe antibiotics?

Yes, online doctors are able to write prescriptions for antibiotics legally and safely online. Before writing you an antibiotic prescription the doctor will diagnose your bacterial infection and learn your medical history.

Can I talk to a doctor online?

Yes, you can talk to a doctor over the phone or with your computer. In some states a video appointment is required. An online doctor may be able to diagnose your condition and prescribe medication over the phone. To book a phone appointment call 888-564-4454.